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Start With Hello Week

In every school and in every community, there are young people who suffer silently because they feel left out, alone or invisible.  Social isolation is a growing epidemic amongst all ages of school children.  The "Start with Hello" program teaches students the skills they need to reach out to and include those who may not feel connected at school.

"Start with Hello" Week

A "Start with Hello" week will be held at View and Valley schools!  We are excited to get the kids (and parents) involved!

  • Hey Day - Make a custom nametag and say "Hello" to new people today. Sit with someone new at lunch today.
  • Sharing Kind/Positive Thoughts - Create a chain of positive thoughts with your class. Wear green to show how you "GO" Say Hello!
  • School Village Day - Mingle with our wonderful aids or staff members at lunch. Sign the Positivity Pledge to reach out and be positive. Reach out and be positive to three new people today.
  • Positive Day - Write a positive Post-It note for a teacher, friend, and/or new acquaintance. Reach out and say something positive to someone on social media today.  Reach out to three new people today!
  • Forget Me Not Friday - Take a selfie in the "Photo Booth" with a new friend! Consider ways to continue to reach out to include new people.


About "Start with Hello"

On September 4, 2018, all district employees were trained on a "Start with Hello" program which was developed by the Sandy Hook Promise Organization

Below is a parent brochure with information about the program.  Perhaps you will find an opportunity to take a few minutes and talk with your child about the important ways that they can "Start with Hello."