HVS Events » "Safe Moves City" Bike Rodeo (3-5)

"Safe Moves City" Bike Rodeo (3-5)

Our Hermosa Vista and Valley Schools are hosting a Bike Rodeo for our 3rd-5th graders from 8:20 AM-2:20 PM as follows:
"Safe Moves City" Bike Rodeo
Hermosa Vista
4th Grade - Monday, October 3
3rd Grade - Monday, October 10

Hermosa Valley
5th Grade - Tuesday, October 4

The Bike Rodeo is a fun, interactive, and educational event to teach the 3rd-5th graders how to be safer bicyclists. Students will ride through "Safe Moves City," which features streets, bike lanes, sidewalk houses, businesses, traffic lights & signals, cars, and railroad tracks. Students will learn about traffic and how to avoid collisions.
Bicycling is fun and healthy, but education and helmet use are important parts of keeping children safe.

The Bike Rodeo is funded by the Beach Cities Cycling Club and conducted in partnership with the Hermosa Beach City School District. The Bike Rodeo is provided by Safe Moves to help educate our youth about traffic and pedestrian safety.