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School Counseling

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All students are invited Wednesdays from 11:15am-11:45am.
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School Counselor's Role
  • Provide individual and small group sessions
  • Crisis management
  • Classroom presentations
  • Support to staff and administration
  • Parent consultation
  • Interface with outside professionals (with an exchange of information)
How can a student be referred to the school counselor?
The counselor may see students for:
  • Classroom Lessons: The counselor will conduct classroom guidance activities throughout the school year. The goal will be to develop an awareness of self, others and the world around them.
  • Small Group Counseling: Activities are designed to help students experience self-confidence, friendship, grief, decision making, attitude and behavior changes. Some groups are formed by grade level and some are formed with students sharing a common concern.
  • Current Counseling Groups Available: Friendship, Girls/Relational, Peers/Relational and coming soon, Parents Social Emotional Learning Support Group.
  • Individual Counseling: Offered when students are unable to attend a group or when students need additional support on a one-on-one basis.
How Parents Can Contact the School Counselor
Parents can call the school counselor at any time for phone conference
In order for a student to participate in school based counseling parental consent must be obtained. Please complete a Counseling Consent Form.