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Equity and Inclusion Dashboard

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The District 's Equity and Inclusion Dashboard compiles district data in an objective way and allows for reporting in disaggregation format. This data allows for comparison across various student characteristics or attributes. The Equity Dashboard is intended as a tool to assist in understanding where inequities exist.
The three areas of focus on the district's dashboard align with the 2021-22 LCAP Goals:
1. Social Emotional Wellness
2. Diversity and Inclusion
3.  Achievement for All
The data collected for the HBCSD comes from various sources: student surveys, diagnostic assessments, formative assessment and district administered benchmarks.
Social Emotional Wellness Data
Panorama Survey: Sense of Belonging
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California Health Kids Survey 2020-2021
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Attendance Rates for 2021-22 School Year
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Diversity and Inclusion Data
Panorama Survey: Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion Survey
Achievement for All
iReady Demographic Achievement Fall 2021-2022
demographic reading
demographic math
iReady Overall Achievement Fall 2021-2022
iReady Math
iReady Reading
CAASPP Data 2018-2019
CAASPP Reading
Fountas and Pinnell Reading Assessment
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