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Superintendent of Schools

The 2020-2021 school year was a year like no other. However, our parents, staff, and community have pulled together to continue the "Thrive K-Life" vision each of our students deserve. It is important to take a moment to celebrate this year's accomplishments as well as how we plan to continue to be the Best Little Beach School in 2021-2022. 
During the COVID-19 pandemic, we returned students with special needs to campus as early as September 2020, returned students for hybrid instruction by February 2021, and completed an expanded and traditional schedule for K-8 by April 2021, one of the first public schools in Los Angeles County to do so. 
We implemented three different models of instruction, including distance, hybrid, and traditional schedule. And thanks to y(our) efforts, we had zero COVID-19 transmission on campus. 
And finally, through your support of Measure S we built the brand new Hermosa Vista School and moved our TK-2 students into a state-of-the-art, Zero Net Energy Building. 
In 2021-2022, did you know we will have full day TK/kindergarten as well as as before and after school daycare? You bet! 
This coming school year we have set ambitious goals in equity, excellence, and finance. Our Board of Education, staff, and community partners are committed to meeting the needs of our students after COVID-19, improving student achievement, and attaining fiscal strength. 
We will build responsive classrooms that meet the needs of all students. Academic intervention will be provided for students who have experienced learning loss during distance learning and social emotional wellness will be a top priority with counseling and school-wide programs. 
We will improve student achievement through professional development, high-quality instruction, and accurate assessments. It is our mission to spotlight and expand our signature programs like Sparks Lab, Music, Art, and STEAM electives. 
Finally, we will preserve a bright future for Hermosa Beach City School District, keeping K-8 education local and thriving. To do so, we will increase student enrollment, expand partnerships, and yes, we will have a new, reconstructed Hermosa View School completed by the 2022-2023 school year! 
While it has been a year like no other, there is much to celebrate. Thank you for your continued support of Hermosa schools. Our commitment to equity, excellence, and finance, will keep our students thriving and our little beach school, the best one in town. 
Superintendent of Schools
Christine Diaz
310-937-5877 Ext.#258