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Inter-District Attendance Permits

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Inter-district attendance permit applications for the 2024-2025 school years are currently being accepted. Once a student is accepted on a permit, the student may remain in the district. Permits are subject to annual renewal.
Below, you will find information on the outgoing and incoming permit process. All applications are linked at the bottom of this page.
Inter-District Attendance Permit - Incoming Students
The incoming inter-district attendance permit is a two-part application:
  1. Release from the district of residence
  2. Acceptance/Denial into HBCSD
Obtain permission to be released from the district in which the student resides by visiting your home district's office and requesting an inter-district attendance permit release. Obtaining a permit release from the school district in which you reside does not mandate acceptance by the Hermosa Beach City School District; you must still be accepted within HBCSD to attend.
Once you have obtained an approved release from your district of residence, complete the HBCSD inter-district attendance permit application and agreement (found below). Attach the permit release from your district of residency and a copy of the student's most current report card showing the current grade level (non-kinder applicants).
In addition, relevant attachments must be submitted at the time of completing an application. Relevant attachments include: Student's most recent report card, Student's most recent IEP, or 504 Plan (if applicable). Letters indicating final decisions of permit request will be sent via email and/or mail once a permit has completed the review process.

What if my school district will not release me? A parent whose request for his/her child to attend school outside of the district of residence has been denied may appeal to the Los Angeles County Board of Education (LACOE). An appeal may be submitted whether the permit request was denied by the district of residence or by the district of desired attendance. Detailed information regarding the inter-district appeal process can be reviewed below. 
Have questions about appeals?  You can contact LACOE at 562-922-6233.
Submitting an Application
Applications are accepted via email or postal mail. Please send all permit requests to:
Hermosa Beach City School District
c/o Attendance Permits
1645 Valley Drive
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Or email Paulette Recinos at [email protected].
Inter-District Attendance Application or Release Forms
If you should have any questions, please contact Paulette Recinos at [email protected].