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HVS Office Procedures

HVS Office Procedures

We Care About You!

The Hermosa View, Vista, and Valley Schools Office Staff are dedicated to serving our students, parents, and staff in a friendly and professional manner. Our primary objectives are:

  • To ensure the safety of all students.
  • To maintain the smooth, orderly, and positive functioning of the educational program.
  • To limit interruptions or disturbances inside and outside the classrooms.

Plan Ahead

Please plan each night before school and help students pack all items and homework that they will need for the day. Be sure to mark any personal items and clothes with a permanent marker. Don’t forget a snack and lunch!

Lunch/Item Drop Off

Forgotten snacks, lunches, and jackets may be dropped off in the office for students to pick up during recess or lunch.  The office will not accept food from food delivery services. 

After School Plans

Have a plan each day for what students are doing after school. Please discuss with your child their daily after school plan and have a backup plan if things change. Only adults authorized on your child’s emergency card will be allowed to pick up your child after school. Be sure to keep all phone numbers current. The office will not deliver personal messages except in a dire emergency. Plan ahead and be prepared.

Absence Verification

If your child is absent from school, please report their absence online. Our District loses approximately $55 in state funding per day per student absence.


If a student arrives at school after the start time, they are required to check in at the school office to obtain a tardy pass. Please remember how important being on time to class is each day. Arriving even a few minutes late disrupts learning for your child and for the entire class. Thank you for making this a priority.

Student Sign Out

If you need to check your child out during school hours, please report to the school office (not the classroom). An office staff member will have the teacher send your child to the office. Students may be signed out by a parent or adult on their emergency card. If your student is returning to campus that day, please notify the teacher and the office staff. Your child must sign back in when they arrive back on campus. Please remember to avoid recess and lunch times.  If you come during these times, your student will be called to the office after recess/lunch.   

Visitor/Volunteer Check-In/Out

All visitors and volunteers on campus are required to sign in at the Hermosa View, Vista, and Valley school offices and wear a visitor’s badge. This helps staff and students know that visitors have a purpose in being on campus at that time. 

Volunteers are also required to sign a confidentiality agreement before beginning work in classrooms, as well as provide a Mantoux TB test. Fill out and submit the HBCSD Volunteer & Confidentiality Agreement. These procedures really help us keep our campuses safe and assist us in knowing who is on campus at all times. Thank you for helping us in this matter. We are so pleased to have volunteers every day here at school.

Classroom volunteers are required to have the results of a Mantoux TB skin test on file in order to work with children. Please bring documentation of this test to the office prior to working in the classroom.

Office Phone Use

Students may not use the office phone for after school playdate arrangements. Please make these plans before school. If you will be delayed at pick-up time, or you are authorizing another person to pick up your child, please call the office. Your child will await you or your designated person in the office.


Never send medication to school with your child. Please notify the Health Aide if your child’s physician is prescribing medication that must be taken during school hours. Written orders from a doctor are required, and medication must be in the original container with the child’s name & dosage.

Home/School Communication

School and classroom newsletters are emailed to you weekly. Please make sure your contact information is up to date in PowerSchool. You may email your teacher or call after hours, accessing that teacher’s extension through the office’s number at Hermosa View (424) 333-9950 or Hermosa Vista (424) 333-9960.  Please allow for a 24-hour response time.

For emergency purposes, it is critical that your home/cell numbers on your child’s emergency card remain current.


Students must preorder a school breakfast or lunch each day. Breakfast and Lunch menus are available online. Students without lunch should report to the office at lunchtime. Students may pack a lunch - remember, no glass containers, candy, or sodas, please.

Forgotten Homework?

If a student forgets homework or items needed in class, please do not bring them to school. The office will not disrupt class or leave messages for teachers. If a parent brings homework to school, office staff can put it in the teacher’s mailbox for pick up. Please be advised that the office is not responsible for lost homework. Please check with individual teachers on their policy for forgotten homework and drop-off. Plan ahead and be prepared if it does happen. Thank you for understanding and for assisting your child in developing personal responsibility.


The school offices cannot deliver personal messages to students. If there is an emergency, please contact the school office, and we will assist in any way possible. Please remember an emergency means a true emergency - and not forgotten homework or a change in after school plans. If you are delayed for pick-up or want another adult to pick up your child, we will do our best to inform the teacher/student after school. We will not deliver messages to the classrooms during school time. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation and for helping us keep learning time uninterrupted. Students who are unsure of where to go are encouraged to come to the front office.

Instructional Time

School instructional time is golden. Please help us keep our school campuses quiet during school hours. Not all students are dismissed at the same time, and voices and siblings’ cries outside the classroom may disturb instructional time. Please be courteous.

Student Cell Phones/Smart Watches

Parents may choose to allow their child to store a cell phone in a backpack while on campus and wear smart watches. The cell phone is to remain off and zipped away throughout the entire school day. Smart watches may only be used to tell time during the school day. Students may only use cell phones after school in the parking lot/pick-up area. Hermosa Beach City School District is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen cell phones or smart watches. Misuse of cell phones and smart watches on campus may result in the cell phone and/or smart watch being confiscated and disciplinary consequences assigned.


The Hermosa View, Vista, and Valley Schools are not open to the public during school hours, and dogs are not permitted on the grounds on or off their leashes at any time. The campuses and playgrounds are closed to playgroups/caregivers between 7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.