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Complaint Procedures

Hermosa Beach City School District (HBCSD) is committed to protecting students’ and employees’ civil rights and ensuring all District programs and activities provide an environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, and intimidation and/or bullying. The District encourages the early, informal resolution of complaints at the site level whenever possible. Parents or guardians of students in the HBCSD are urged therefore, to discuss their concerns directly with the school site employee(s) in question.
If a complaint by a parent requires a review and changing of a student’s written record, including the student’s grade(s), this policy shall be superseded by the protocol spelled out in Education Code Sections 49070 and 49071.

If confidentiality is a concern, every effort shall be made, but cannot be guaranteed, to respect the wishes of the complainant, without compromising the rights of all other parties involved. In the interest of protecting the rights of anyone seeking resolution to a complaint, no harassment or retaliation of any kind against a student, parent/guardian, or community member shall occur because a complaint was filed. 
In accordance with the California Code of Regulations and the California Education Code, the HBCSD has established the following procedures for handling different types of complaints. The types of complaints are listed below along with links to the corresponding complaint form. 
Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP)
Williams Complaint
Williams Complaint
Title IX
Title IX Complaint