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Regular school attendance is a necessary part of the learning process and provides a successful path to graduation and beyond. Students who are frequently absent may be putting their futures in jeopardy. Chronic absenteeism, especially truancy, is a behavior that is highly associated with dropping out of school.

Regular attendance is essential for success in school. Chronic absenteeism is not the problem—it’s an indicator of other problems. When students aren’t in school, we need to understand why they stay away before we can develop appropriate support. It is critical for the parents and school team to work together to understand what is impeding a student from attending school regularly and develop interventions to help re-engage the student in the learning environment.

If you are concerned about your student’s attendance, please contact your site administrator to discuss the appropriate next steps to support your child.

School Attendance Review Board (SARB)

California compulsory education law requires everyone between the ages of six and eighteen years of age to attend school, except sixteen and seventeen-year-olds who have graduated from high school or passed the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) and obtained parental permission to leave. Some students, however, violate compulsory education laws and have a pattern of unexcused absences. Although truancy and excessive absenteeism are not new problems, they cause costly, long-term problems for the students, school, and the community.