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E-Bike Safety

An E-Bike Safety Holiday PSA from Hermosa Police Chief Paul LeBaron
In collaboration with HBCSD, HBPD Chief LeBaron shares an important message about E-Bike Safety for our HVS students, families, and community.

Electric Bicycles (AKA E-Bikes) Issues at Hermosa Valley School
At our school, issues involving E-Bikes have occurred. Riding an E-Bike is a great way to navigate around Hermosa Beach and surrounding neighborhoods. The community highly encourages using bikes instead of cars. Unfortunately, students are going too fast and putting themselves and others at risk. This is an ongoing problem across the nation. There have been crashes and injuries due to E-Bikes. Students need to learn to be responsible riders to have the safest and most enjoyable experience cruising around locally.
E-Bike Safety
When riding your E-Bike around town, it's essential the rider knows the Rules of the Road. Riders need to ride their E-Bikes responsibly by obeying street signs and signals, riding in the same direction as traffic, wearing a helmet snapped on as a primary rider or as a passenger if under 18 years of age, and riding in the street only (walk your E-Bike if on crosswalks/sidewalks). It is also essential that riders are visible to others. It's strongly advised riders have light and reflectors on their E-Bikes, side mirror, and wear highly visible clothing so others can see them. Remember when you're riding E-Bikes to:
Snap on your helmet
Make sure to look both ways
Always follow the Rules of the Road
Remember to brake at stop lights
Take your time
Gifting an E-Bike
Gifting an E-Bike to your child is a great way to navigate the Beach Cities. Getting an E-Bike is a very enjoyable experience, but with an E-Bike comes responsibility. Keep in mind that Type 1, 2, or 3 E-Bikes are all different types of E-Bikes. A Type 3 E-Bike should not be given to students 16 years of age or younger. Peopleforbikes.org has put together the following California Electric Bicycle Policy chart to help you navigate the different types of E-Bikes.
California Electric Bicycle Policy Chart
Additional E-Bike Safety Resources
As our Hermosa Beach Police Chief Paul LeBaron said at the end of the video, "We want you to be safe out there and have a good time. Please stay safe out there, Hermosa."