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E-Bike Safety

E-Bike Safety

We want students to be safe getting to and from school, as well as rolling around town. It’s one of the many reasons we love living in the Best Little Beach City. We just want to make sure they’re being safe, riding smart, and wearing their helmets. 


“Be Safe, Be SMART” is a campaign that was developed ‘by students, for students’ to help keep them safe. 


The campaign is in partnership with Hermosa Beach Police Department, LA County Fire Department, LoveYourBrain, Hermosa Cyclery, and S1 Helmet Company.


Tragedy of the E-Bike

A comedic short film with serious undertones that tells a tale of exactly what a student is not supposed to do. 


HVS E-Bike Rap

So you got an e-bike and you're super stoked…



HVS Pledge

Our HVS students developed the following tagline and acronym as a pledge to keep each other safe:


Be Safe, Be SMART —



snap on your helmet


make sure to look both ways


always follow the rules of the road


remember to brake at stop lights


take your time


Safe Routes to School

The City of Hermosa Beach and HBCSD have the following safe routes to school.

City of Hermosa Beach - Safe Routes to SchoolTo view larger, click here.

Crossing guards are stationed at key locations during school drop-off and pick-up times to help students get safely to and from school. 


Observe directions from crossing guards, yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk, proceed with caution through intersections, and walk your bike along sidewalks.


E-Bike Safety Assembly

Watch this recording of a middle school assembly with 450 middle school students (6th, 7th, & 8th grade) where David Adler, a Hermosa Beach resident and board member of LoveYourBrain, shared his harrowing head-on vehicle-cyclist collision story that, despite wearing a helmet and following all the rules of the road, left him with 24 broken bones, punctured lungs, and permanent traumatic brain injury. 


David’s message is simple, “Enjoy biking around town, but accidents happen. I’m living proof that wearing a helmet can save your life. It’s the speed of e-bikes that is even more reason to put on that helmet and be visible.” Watch to the end where the mic dropped with “You may think helmets are hot, mess up your hair, and aren’t cool. How cool do you look when you’re dead?!!”



Gifting an E-Bike Safety

If you’re considering gifting an e-bike to your child, HBPD Chief LeBaron shares an important message about e-bike safety. 


Keep in mind there are various types of e-bikes with notable differences. It is illegal for anyone 16 years of age or younger to ride a Type 3 e-bike.


Riders need to obey the rules of the road, and it is a legal requirement they wear a helmet.


Check out this link for more information: California Legal eBike Classifications Guide

California Electric Bicycle Policy Chart
To view larger, click here.

Additional E-Bike Safety Resources

State of California DMV Department of Motor Vehicles, Motorcycle Handbook (Pan down to Electric Bicycles)

South Bay Bicycle Coalition Plus, Bike Safety - Rules of the Road

Beach Cities Health District - Streets For All

Beach Cities Health District - Bicycle Safety Tips

A final word from Chief LeBaron, "We want you to be safe out there and have a good time. Please be safe, be SMART Hermosa."


Special Thanks to Our Community Partners