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After a child turns three, parents can request an assessment if they believe their child may have special education needs. The process starts with a Student Study Team Meeting to determine areas of suspected disability. Children are assessed in all areas of concern to determine if the child meets one of the 13 areas of eligibility (Ed code 56026). If eligible for special education, the school team and family will work together to develop goals and determine the most appropriate program to meet the child’s progress. 


Please contact the principal at your child's public school of residence to discuss your concerns. As a result of discussions about your concerns, your child may be referred to the Student Study Team (SST) for additional review.  The SST includes representatives from general education and special education staff who review student progress and suggest interventions and strategies to assist students within the general education program. It is highly recommended that a SST meet to review a student's progress prior to developing an assessment plan for suspected disabilities.​​