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Uniform Discipline Plan

The Uniform Discipline Plan establishes a framework for discipline conducive to learning at all schools in the Hermosa Beach City School District. This framework is built on district-wide positive behavior support, a culture of positive discipline techniques, and the systemic development of carefully identified rules with the necessary structure for their firm, fair, and consistent implementation. The importance of a district-wide positive behavior support and discipline plan is consistent with the principles of a culture of excellence, global citizenship, respect and inclusion, responsible stewardship, and safety and well-being.

Hermosa Beach City School District has a Thrive K - Life philosophy. Our Mission is that, in partnership with our community, we prepare students to thrive by providing a relevant education, a safe and healthy environment, and an inclusive culture. The right to a relevant, high-quality education ensures that school disciplinary measures will not be used to exclude students from school or otherwise deprive them of such an education, unless it is necessary to preserve the safety of students and staff.

One objective of discipline in schools is to assist students in learning and displaying self-discipline or control of their own behavior.  Attainment of this objective depends on the good judgment and compassion of teachers, understanding and leadership by administrators, and the support of all parent(s)/guardian(s) within the community. Success with the Uniform Discipline Plan is predicated on the belief that it will be openly communicated and implemented as a cooperative effort between parent(s), guardian(s), students, and staff