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Citizens' Oversight Committee

The Measure S Citizens' Oversight Committee (COC) was established to inform the public about the expenditure of Measure S bond revenues in an oversight capacity, not in a decision-making capacity. The all-volunteer committee monitors that revenues from the bond are spent only as described in Bond Measure S and reports to the board and the public. The school board is required to provide responses to any and all findings or concerns noted by the committee and post the committee’s minutes, proceedings, documents received, and reports issued. See the bottom of this page for the archive of those documents.

Under Proposition 39, the committee includes a member active in the business community, a member active in a senior citizen’s organization, a member active in a taxpayer’s organization, a parent/guardian of a child attending a Hermosa Beach public school, a student’s parent/guardian who is involved in a parent-teacher organization, and pair of members from the community at large. Employees, officials, vendors, contractors, or consultants of the school district are not eligible to sit on the committee. The final composition of the COC was selected and approved by the school board from a pool of qualified members of the community who responded to an open-to-the-public call for applicants.

The Hermosa Beach City School District is greatly appreciative for the donation of time made by the members of the COC on behalf of the community of Hermosa Beach.


Member Category Member Name Role Term Expiration
At Large Jeff Raedy Committee Member December 2025
At Large Leslie Mohr Committee Member December 2025
Business Organization Jani Lange Committee Member December 2025
Parent Ryan Grashow Committee Member December 2025
Parent/PTO Heather Baboolal Committee Member December 2025
Senior Citizen Stephen Izant Chair December 2025
Taxpayer Association Gina DeRosa Secretary December 2025

COC Meetings

COC scheduled meetings begin at 5:00 PM and are held in the Hermosa Beach City Offices located at 1315 Valley Drive in the 1st floor conference room.

Meetings are held four times a year.


2023-2024 COC Meetings

Resources & Documents

The "Resources" section below contains various supporting documents from/for the meetings.


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