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Banner Approvals

HBCSD strives to promote positive relationships between our schools and community organizations. Just as community organizations can build support for the schools, the schools can cooperate with these groups under certain circumstances to publicize services, special events, and public meetings that may be of interest to both students and parents.

If you are interested in promoting your organization and would like to hang a banner at one of our school sites, you will need to submit a Banner Permit Application. 

Instructions for Submitting a Banner Application

  • Complete the Banner Permit Application and return it to the Paulette Recinos, District Clerk at [email protected].
  • If you would like to hang a banner at multiple schools, please submit one (1) form for each school site.
  • Once the banner application is approved, both the applicant and the school site(s) will be notified.
  • The banner approval is a temporary permit for 30 days. After 30 days, the banner will be promptly removed.

You are required to contact the school site(s) to confirm banner placement, as each site has specific areas where banners can be placed. If banners are placed in an unauthorized or unapproved area, they will be removed without notification.