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Ordering Meals During In-Person Instruction & Independent Study


While students are attending classes via Independent Study or In-Person, the district will be offering lunch. To streamline the process, we have upgraded our system to allow for online ordering. Please visit the forms tab on the left, or use the links below to download instructions on registering and ordering meals through 


How to Order Meals Online (click the link below to register online to order lunches and add funds to your students accounts)  All lunches must be ordered and paid for online.

SendMoneyToSchool Parent Set-up Guide


Order lunches here at SendMoneytoSchool

Purchasing Lunch


Monthly Lunch Menus and the menus’ nutritional value information are posted under the Menus tab on the left.


Lunch can be ordered online for $3.50, however, your student may qualify for meals at a free or reduced price. If you believe your family may be eligible to receive lunch benefits, please visit to fill out an application. Additionally, a paper application can be found under the forms tab on the left-hand side of the screen. Once your application is processed, you will be notified of your results via U.S. Mail. 


To purchase a lunch, parents must order online. Students must have their ID card or ID number ready so that the cashier can pull up their account. A lunch account is automatically created for each student who enters the district, and is not something that the parent needs to set up. That being said, we often run into an issue where students are throwing away their home packed lunch, and using their ID card to buy a school lunch once they find out what we are serving. To prevent unanticipated accumulation of lunch debt, please talk to your child(ren) about whether or not you want them purchasing meals. 


Adding Funds to your Child's Account


The district provides parents with a few different methods of adding funds to their child(ren)'s lunch account:


Online Payments:


Lunch payments can be made online, either through E-Funds or SendMoneyToSchool. 

Add Funds Using E-Funds

Directions for E-Funds

Order Lunch and Add Funds via SendMoneyToSchool


Cash Payments:

No Cash payments are not allowed.


Check Payments:

Check payments are permitted for all students, and can be given to the school office.


Food Allergies


If your child has any food allergies or sensitivities, and requires special accommodation, you will need to fill out a medical statement request form and have it signed by a licensed healthcare professional. This document can be found under the forms tab on the left.


Additional Information Regarding Student ID Cards


Hermosa Valley School:

Each student in grades 4th through 8th receives their student identification card during registration for the current school year. The card has the student’s picture, name and student identification number embedded in a magnetic strip on the back of the card. Students may use their old cards until their pictures are taken and their new 2020-2021 ID cards are issued. If your student does not have an old ID card, or is a new student to Hermosa Valley School, a temporary card may be picked up in the school office. There will be no charge for this card. All 4th-8th grade students will bring their cards home with them every day.


Hermosa View:

We will continue to use the 2019-2020 cards until the 2020-2021 ID cards are issued. The cards do not go home with the student. When a student wants to order lunch, they raise their hand during class and the teacher will take a count. Before lunch recess, the teacher will distribute ID cards to the students who raised their hands. When it is time for lunch, the students will take their ID cards to the lunch counter, where it will be swiped by a noon duty employee. The cards are collected daily and returned to the classroom before the end of the day.


Remember...students should never share their ID numbers with anyone. This ID number will stay with the student from kindergarten until they leave here from Valley. The student ID card can be used as identification when traveling; is used check out library books; and to participate in school sponsored events. After the 2021-2022 I.D. cards are issued, replacement cards can be purchased for $10.00.


Did you know....


You can log onto E-Funds or SendMoneyToSchool to obtain your child’s current lunch balance, order meals, transfer funds between your children, and make payments. If you do not know how to log on, please contact the District Office.


Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns and have a great school year! 

Paula Montalbo, Business Manager, 310-937-5877, ext. 234